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:sun::flowerpot::earth::painter: I draw anything and everything, from real life events to random favorites. You can always expect new things in my gallery! :painter::earth::flowerpot::sun:

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Rinky Dinky Cutie Pie
Gadangit Ringo by Strabius
Norwogian Weed by Strabius
Commission- Ringo Sings a Lullaby for the Beebs by Strabius
Now you can have your very own character in this rinky dinky little style of mine. :meow:
They can either be: head-to-shoulders, head-to-hips, head-to-knees, or even FULL BODIED. Bwoahmahgawsh!

As always, you can have up to 3 characters, and have a choice in any color/design for the background (otherwise it'll just be plain). I also do short comics (no more than 3 panels).
Rinky Dinky Digitals
It's So Hard Being John Lennon by Strabius
Ringo's Secret Wish by Strabius
MalefiDestiel by Strabius
It's like the other rinky dinky commissions, but DIGITAL.
All the same rules apply.

Please be sure to tell me what color background you want, otherwise it will be transparent.
Head and Shoulders
DAFT PUNK - Gift for my Sister by Strabius
Those Two Adorable Fags by Strabius
Tres Bien Ensemble, Ma Belle by Strabius
Traditionally drawn head busts of anything and/or anyone! Choose any color and/or design you want in the background (otherwise it will be plain). Commissions will always be inked and colored with marker. You can have up to 3 characters.

Now you have the choice between any of my THREE drawing styles (instead of two like last time)! My Three Styles by Strabius
My Head and Hips Don't Lie!
Self Conscious by Strabius
They're So High by Strabius
Feel it Slip Through Your Fingers by Strabius
Now your head bust has arms!
...And maybe legs? It's up to you! Choose between a "head-to-hips" or "head-to-knees".

Have your choice of color for the background (otherwise it'll just be plain). You can have up to 3 characters. These are pretty much the same as the previous half-bodied cartoons. There's really only one difference: you can now have your character in any of my THREE styles (unlike last time, where only two were available): My Three Styles by Strabius


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I draw whatever's on my mind, and there ain't nuttin' yall can do to stop me.
Mind-toonist: tuning into the toons in my head.
When I was new to DeviantART in 2008, I was just coming from Youtube and felt really lost. I had to keep asking the youtuber, whom convinced me to make an account on DA, for help on things such as how to submit art and write blogs. I didn't become an active member until mid to late 2009. I would post things, but I still felt committed to Youtube. Eventually I practically forgot about Youtube and started posting more art on DA (so much so that I didn't even notice my Youtube account had been suspended until almost a year later). Being a member had always been about sharing my art and ideas with friends, and at the time I mostly had friends as my watchers. I became more noticed when I had gotten into Doctor Who in mid 2010, and started joining fan clubs to share my fan art. It was during the year of 2012 that I decided I wanted to improve my style of art, and took a drawing class during my Junior year of high school even though I despised having to learn what I basically knew. But I took it, and the first few months were easy, to be expected, but proved more challenging when we started learning about perspective. I was prepared for anything by the second semester when we finally started learning how to draw realism, which is what I joined the class for. My 13-year old self would have disagreed completely, but the reality is that knowing how to draw realism can help significantly in drawing. You don't have to draw realism all the time, but it's important to learn. I started to feel more confident in my style of drawing by mid-2013, and also started gaining more attention through my Supernatural fan art. This new-found attention persuaded me to continue to practice, so for my senior year I took a class on Cartoon Animation. It's been a life-long dream of mine to become an animator and comicbook artist. Thankfully the class I took offered how to do both animation (traditional, digital, computer, clay) and comic books. By mid to late 2013, I started inking/coloring my drawings, which reassured me that I'm on the right track in drawing. I also had befriend my now best friend Mutil8tor, whom remains to be one of my favorite artists (not just on DA but overall), and has become a major influence in my latest style of drawing. As my interests expanded, my style improved more and more; and as my interests expanded, I drew in more and more attention from others who find interest in my drawings. I also join a lot of groups, so that probably aids in the attention. For my birthday in 2013, my mom paid for my premium membership, so I guess that also helps because it offers more options on DeviantART than the average membership. On the brink of 2014, I opened up for point commissions to make some money, and I suppose that also aided a bit in the attention I get lately. I don't mind, because I enjoy making money from doing what I love. Now that high school is over, I plan to go to the Art Institute in January to get a degree in animation, and until then I'll be working on my portfolio (which my awesome Cartoon Animation teacher agreed to help me put together over the summer). I also hope to start introducing my stories and characters I've had for years to begin making short comics (I don't want to start on the big comics just yet since I'm still not at the level of art I want to be in for that). I am truly appreciative of all my watchers, whether they watched me for my fan art, original art, or overall art, they still found my art interesting enough to watch me for it. It encourages me to continue practicing and improving my style, and I couldn't be more thankful. I never asked 582 people to watch me, they chose to watch me because they liked my art. I don't recall ever asking for people to visit my gallery in the 5 years I've been a member, because the attention was never that important to me. I joined clubs to get noticed, but that was about it. Even if I still had the small amount of watchers I had 5 years ago, I would still continue drawing no matter what. I refuse to give up, because that's where my heart is. It doesn't matter how many watchers or followers a person gets, it's about doing what makes you happy.

As for the artists on DA that I watch, it's moreover based on how much I enjoy seeing what they post in their gallery. Sometimes I watch before getting to know the artist, and sometimes I watch long after getting to know them. There are artists who are very popular on DA that I'll watch because I like what they post (humon), and then there are artists who are not very popular on DA that I'll watch because I like what they post (morkuu). Watching someone is like a relationship for me, I have to like the quality and material before committing to adding them to my watchlist. And just like a relationship, I don't really look for anything, it just happens. There are times where I won't watch an artist because the material or overall quality of their gallery doesn't connect with me. I can favorite and/or comment on one or three things in their gallery, but that's the most I'll do since I don't have a connection with what they post. Sometimes I'll really like the content in an artist's gallery but still won't watch them. That's because I'll like a certain genre of what they're drawing, but I don't want to watch them for it. If I watch someone based on whatever it is they're drawing for the time being, I'm acting on selfish impulses because I happen to like that particular subject as well and it doesn't feel right. This is based on how I want people to see my gallery. I have a large variety of interests that attract different people, and yes I do get people who watch me for my 4 year old Doctor Who fan art, and yes I do get people who watch me for my Beatles fan art, but it's those who watch me for my overall gallery that really puts a smile on my face. So I watch people based on what I like seeing in their overall gallery (art style, sense of humor, original art, variety of interests, etc), because that's how I would want people to see me.
  • Listening to: Ask Me Why by The Beatles
  • Playing: Pokemon Blue


What is your opinion on my characters, Jon and Vona? 

13 deviants said I like them, they're cute. =)
4 deviants said I like them a lot and I really want to see more of them! =D
3 deviants said They're okay, I guess.
3 deviants said Meh.


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