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:sun::flowerpot::earth::painter: I draw anything and everything, from real life events to random favorites. You can always expect new things in my gallery! :painter::earth::flowerpot::sun:

Commish - Open by DemonGemini6Art Trade - Closed by DemonGemini6Requests - I Don't Do Them by DemonGemini6
*If YOU are open for art trades, I may consider asking for a trade. But I, myself, am not. When I do open up, I'll make it known.


I'm curious, what would you like to see more of in my gallery? 

18 deviants said McStarr fan art
10 deviants said Nothing is the Same!Beatles AU
9 deviants said My OCs
9 deviants said I don't care, just draw whatever
6 deviants said other (explain in the comments)
2 deviants said Bellawin or Pirates! Band of Misfits fan art
1 deviant said TMNT fan art


These stamps are so me

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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Mind-toonist: tuning into the toons in my head.

My FAQs: (questions I will no longer be answering directly)

:bulletpurple:Are you open for art trades?
The stamp on my profile page says I'm closed, so I must not be open.
The stamp on my profile page says I'm open, so I must not be closed.

:bulletpurple:Are you open for requests?
I will never be open for requests.

:bulletpurple:Will you watch me?
I started out on DA with little to no watchers, but I never once asked for people to watch me. 600 deviants decided they liked my stuff and chose to watch me on their own terms. I improved without asking for attention, and you should too. So to answer your question, yes and no.

:bulletpurple:Will you look at my art?

:bulletpurple:Will you favorite my art?
I will look at your art. If I like what I see, then I will :+fav: it. I cannot guarentee that I will, though.

:bulletpurple:Will you comment on my art?
I will look at your art. If I actually have something to say about it, I will leave a comment. If I don't, then I won't.






Yes I saw the 200th episode last week and it was amazing, but I'm not here to talk about it.

So a few months ago I posted a rant on my Tumblr after seeing a post that mentioned Dean Winchester is one of the few bisexual/bicurious male tv characters. As much as I agree with the idea of more bisexual representation in social media, I don’t agree with using Dean as an example. Now recently, ever since the 200th episode or Supernatural premiered, I've noticed some reviews among the fandom that believe Supernatural is a tease at homosexuality. Again, this is something I personally do not agree with. If you believe in either of these, then that's totally okay. You have your opinion and I have mine, so please allow me to give my own interpretation.

Dean is not homosexual, and he’s not bisexual. He is straight. The “profound bond” he shares with Castiel is called being “soulmates”. Being soulmates means having a bond that goes beyond physical comprehension. It is a love that is neither platonic nor sexual, and possibly not even romantic. It’s a bond that cannot be broken, not even in death. This is the bond that Dean and Castiel share. Also, Castiel is not a dude. The only one who’s a dude is his vessel, Jimmy. I cannot fathom how many people get this wrong. If Dean and Cas ARE in love in a completely romantic way, it’s because of the fact that Castiel is neither male nor female. If Dean is in love with Castiel, it’s because he’s in love with the angel underneath the male body. Dean may never kiss Cas, and it’s more likely he’ll never have sex with Cas, and it’s because of the fact that Jimmy’s penis keeps getting in the way. If Cas were in a female body, things would be a whole lot different. But because he’s not, their love exists on a transcendental level. Supernatural is not teasing us, and Dean is not confused. Also, take into consideration of how little Dean tells Sam to his face that he loves him (has he ever?). If he can barely state his love to his only brother, then it's not that hard to see how it's impossible for him to tell Castiel he loves him. I personally think Dean is better off not openly telling Cas how much he really means to him, because that's too out of character for Dean since he grew up on bottling up his emotions. And back to the "soulmates" thing, I really believe their relationship to be a spiritual understanding between a man and an angel, so they DON'T need to tell each other what they really mean to each other. When Cas steers one way and Dean steers another, they don't need to get down in dirty in bed, make out, or confess their true love in order to fix what they have. It's like P!nk's song "Just Give Me a Reason"; they're not broken, they're just bent. Whatever they both are going through they need to fix it, but any "true feelings" they have for one another they probably figured out long ago. It's the fans that think they haven't.

You don't have to agree with me, it's just my interpretation on their relationship. You're allowed to believe that Supernatural is abusing homosexuality, and you're allowed to believe bisexual/bicurious representation in Supernatural, but this my own opinion and I'm sticking with it.


Rinky Dinky Short Comic
Commission- Jonah and Michael by Strabius
Commission- Artsy and George by Strabius
Commission 6- Wander and Cerise short comic by Strabius
I get a decent amount of commission requests regarding short comics, so I decided to make a separate box for them.

They must be no more than 3 panels long and you MUST have a story in mind for it (I will no longer be doing the "just do whatever comes to mind"). You must decide on a setting or background design/color, otherwise it will be blank.
Rinky Dinky Cutie Pie
Commission- Ringo Sings a Lullaby for the Beebs by Strabius
Commission- Milagres, Clayre, Laynee by Strabius
Commission- Martin and Paige by Strabius
Now you can have your very own character in this rinky dinky little style of mine. :meow:
They can either be: head-to-shoulders, head-to-hips, head-to-knees, or even FULL BODIED. Bwoahmahgawsh!

As always, you can have up to 3 characters, and have a choice in any color/design for the background (otherwise it'll just be plain). I have a separate commission box for short comics.
Rinky Dinky Digitals
Ringo's Secret Wish by Strabius
MalefiDestiel by Strabius
Kill it with Burgers - REDUX by Strabius
It's like the other rinky dinky commissions, but DIGITAL.
All the same rules apply.

Please be sure to tell me what color background you want, otherwise it will be transparent.



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